Casper Langelund Jensen

Senior creative & Motion designer

Hi, I’m Casper Langelund Jensen. I’m a senior creative, motion designer and martial artist. I create stories through video and motion design. Most people know me from years of creating after movies of Japanese pop culture festivals, music festivals and events.

Working with storytelling and creative direction, I try to answer the simple question: how can I take something complex and make it simple to understand? My goal is to create insightful and relatable stories that brands and organisations can put to work in their marketing- and brand strategy.

What I Do
  • Creative direction
  • Storytelling
  • Graphic design
  • Motion graphics
  • Video/Film editing
  • Storyboarding
  • Addventure Media
  • PR-Gruppen
  • Hide the Zebra
  • 2017
  • THINK – UI Design battle / challenge
  • 2015
  • Danish Nat. Museum – Cosplayer! Manga & menneske video exhibit
  • Iconfinder / Robocat – 45min App Icon challenge
  • Genki video award – Best fan-made short film

Taking all my experience I’ve acquired from web-, print-, identity- and motion design I’m able to contribute both on a business and creative level.

I graduated in Multimediadesign in 2008 and ventured into web- and graphics design in a consumer electronics company for the next two years. Learning to produce for developers and early webshop design I soon after took the chance to experiment working freelance. I used the next two years to explore designing brand identities and produce websites. This was also my first time getting jobs that involved solving tasks with video production for clients.

Working from my own office on Amagerbrogade I learned a lot about my passion from the creative side to running and understanding a business. The most valuable lessons I gained from being my own boss was:

Deliver as promised, on time, and make a plan with the client and follow it through.

My next graphic design adventure was delivering print- and logo design working at a digital printshop. I still to this day love the smell and feel of print. My experience there is a constant reminder of getting the final proof and consent before print.

Working with clients and festivals on video projects alongside inspired me to make the choice to go from print and graphic design to video and motion design.

The last two years I’ve had the opportunity to work in the field of my passion. Creating brandawareness for household brands and upcoming ones.

My next step is to join a creative team to collaborate and learn as much as possible in the field of motion design and video intergration.